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Friday, July 2, 2010

26-AS View Your Tax deposited online --New Facility added for Registered E-filers


Now onwards Income Tax Department has add a facility to view your tax deducted at any source by any department viz. from Salary, Interest or from any other source the new facility has been added in "My Account" for registered e-filers at to view the Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) to verify if the tax payments made by you or TDS deducted from salary or interest etc. are correctly reported to the Department.

First of all you have to login to site as per Picture 1 

                                       CLICK ON PICTURE 1 TO VIEW IN LARGE MODE
Under Tab My Account Click on View 26AS Tab as per Picture 2

                                    CLICK ON PICTURE 2 TO VIEW IN LARGE MODE

Some information will be required to fill as per picture no. 3

                                      CLICK ON PICTURE 3 TO VIEW IN LARGE MODE

A confirmation screen will appear as per Picture 4

                                      CLICK ON PICTURE 4 TO VIEW IN LARGE MODE

Finally you will be able to view your tax credited with Income Tax Department from various sources as per Picture 5

                                       CLICK ON PICTURE 5 TO VIEW IN LARGE MODE

Its so easy to view this statement

Enjoy it and take full benefit out of it

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