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Monday, November 1, 2010

How to use Tally Data Backup Option in TALLY


Its very important to take backup of your data. Generally no one takes backup. But when there is some problem and we are in need of old data we can't get it. Now to solve this problem and  protect your data a BACKUP Utility is  designed here .  As we open tally, on Gateway of Tally, on pressing Alt+F3  Backup option is available as shown in below picture.  Backup can be selected either from mouse or from typing "B".


In backup option, following screen will be displayed.  You have to give the Source path from where data to be copied and Destination path where data will be stored. Source is your actual data where your tally data is available and Destination is a place where you want to copy the data.  The can be store on  floppy, pen drive or any other computer device.. 

Backup file is stored like as TBK900.001 in D:\backup\Dec3108.  With the help of backup , everyone can save his books for further use. 

In the other way we can take backup of tally to save folder c:\tally\data at another place.  A batch file can also be created  for taking backup which detail is given as under:

How to Create Batch File

First of all Open Notepad through below path
Start>All Programmes> Accessories >Notepad
and write down the  below command in notepad

                                     xcopy  C:\Tally\data\*.*  d:\backup\tally\*.* /S /y

Now, save the file using Save As option under File Menu of Notepad as shown in below picture 
Backup.bat file can be stored in any where either at you desktop or any computer drive etc.  Before running tally in a day and running well tally data,  it should be pressed on daily basis.   You can also alter Path in batch file as per your convenience. 

If you feel inconvenience to do all the process as explained above to create BACKUP.ZIP file then download this file form  Here.
Extract the file and use backup.bat file. 

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